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With eight or nine years old knew Atac Sezer, who was born in 1979 in Istanbul, that he wanted to show the world differently than it has been shown, and it was unclear just yet whether he would do as a painter, a musician or a writer. Enforced was ultimately the music: Sezer studied piano and musicology, in parallel with traditional Ottoman music of the Ney reed flute as main instrument. He went to Germany and made his first compositional experience with the argentinean composer Diego H. Feinstein. Later, Sezer continued his composition studies with Matthias Pintscher in Munich and Dieter Schnebel in Berlin.


Sezer scoops for his works from quite different springs: from 24 different sound systems of Maqam music, for which he has developed new forms of notation, from the microtonality and electronic music. He likes to experiment with new playing techniques and loves to combine Western and Eastern instruments.


Initial success he achieved with projects for the German Theatre Goettingen (2005) and the DOCUMENTA (2007). His work Peschrev, a piece for Ney, E- bass and electronics, brought Atac Sezer 2008 Music Scholarship of the state capital Munich.

In 2009 he was a fellow of the Arts Foundation NRW artist Schöppingen. For 2010 got Sezer orders of musica viva, MusikTriennale Cologne, HörBlicke21 and was invited with his works for the International Music Festival "Heidelberg Spring".


Ataç Sezer moved for the first time as a musician in the international residency program of the Arts Foundation NRW Atelier Galata in Istanbul. In 2011, Sezer’s orchestra piece "mirror-reversed", commissioned for the Young Euro Classic, was first performed in Berlin.


 A portrait CD with compositions by Atac Sezer in cooperation with NRW Art Foundation, Germany radio and GENUIN classics was recorded in November 2011 and released internationally in Spring, 2014.

 In the following years Atac Sezer received comisssions from the major music festivals and institutions for contemporary music such as Essener Philharmonie, Berliner Festspiele (MaerzMusik), Ensemblia Mönchengladbach, Munich Biennale, Siemens Stiftung-Young Soloists, Ensemble musikFabrik Köln, Bayerischer Rundfunk musica viva, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Dornbirn Classic, Europalia and BOZAR Festival.
The composer lives in Munich.



1993 - 1997 Study of Turkish Music, Major subject Ney, at the Conservatory of Turkish Music, Izmit


1997 - 2001 studies at the Art and Music Academy Kocaeli, Major subjects: piano and musicology


09. 2002 - 09. 2006 Composition studies at the Music Academy of Kassel, Major subject music theory, Dr. Diego Feinstein


10. 2006 - 09. 2007 studied composition, artistic mastery, Music Academy of Kassel


10. 2007 - 03. 2010 Studies at the University of Music and Theater Munich, composition master class with Prof. Matthias Pintscher

Scholarships and Awards

08. 2008 Music Scholarship and Award the City of Munich


06.2009-12.2009 scholarship of Arts Foundation NRW,Künstlerdorf Schöppingen


01. 2010 - 06 2010 scholarship of Arts Foundation NRW, international residency program, studio Galata, Istanbul


03. 2010 Invitation to the Heidelberg Spring Festival with a string quartet "Subject"

Composition Commissions

"2007" documenta 2007

Composition of tub, Artwork by Ricardo Basbaum


"2009" Siemens Foundation (series"Young Soloist")

String Quartet "Subject"


"2010" Siemens Foundation (series "Young Soloist")

"Duo" for violin and violoncello


"2010" Bayerischer Rundfunk musica viva "Punkt 7"

"Colorcatch" for flute, violin, viola and violoncello


"2010" Music Triennale Cologne 2010

"Admiration of a schizophrenia" for clarinet , violin, violoncello and piano

commissioned composition by the Arts Foundation NRW and the MusikTriennale Cologne


"2010" Hörblicke 21

"Flow" for violin, viola and violoncello

Commissioned composition by the City of Munich and Trio Coriolis


"2011" Commissioned by Young Euro Classic Festival

"mirror-reversed" for orchestra and Kemence

"2012" Münchener Biennale/Klangspuren
"A-Circle" for violin, viola, violoncello and accordion
Commissioned composition by the City of Munich


"2012-13"Commissioned composition by the  Arts Foundation NRW for Studio musikFabrik

"infinitimal" for bassoon, trombone and ensemble


"2013"Composition commissioned by musica viva at Bavarian Broadcasting

"relativity of simultaneity" for two string trios



"2015" Composition commissioned by Münchener Kammerorchester

"Toned Melisma silver print" for String orchestra

sponsored by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung



"2015" Commissioned by Palais des Beaux-Arts Bruxelles

for Scharoun Ensemble Berlin, Europalia Arts Festival



"2016" Commissioned by münchener Gesellschaft für Neue Musik

"time loop" for large Ensemble, sponsored by The Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung






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