"My most important instrument of which I go out with my compositions is the feeling and my ears, which replace the eyes.

As born in Istanbul, I'm infected already from childhood with chaos. The soundscape stays as a pure tone in the ear for a lifetime. With each of my works, I'm closer to my goal- to leave this world a color that has not been defined and you can hear. "

"Alone this credo of Atac Sezer underscores that he is more than just a wanderer between two worlds. Between his native Turkey and Germany, where he lives and works long ago. If Sezer can incorporate into his music influences from the rich Ottoman tradition he doesnt want finally to belong to an eventually that music scene, which he certainly distanced called "multiculturalism."

The 31-year-old creates it, rather, slide two seemingly different sound continents almost identical to each other.

  But behind this lies not only the right to compose pieces that do not follow the age and that even in a hundred years have the existence. Anyone like Sezer who has studied at Dieter Schnebel (Berlin) and Matthias Pintscher (Munich), he just must be an experimental troublemaker in the circle of often too fast-sound mode. As much as Sezer formulates his thoughts 'hair- fine' on the scores, his music always possesses a surprisingly magnetic sensuality.

  Atac Sezer: "My music is a thirst for fantasy. And just as the desire to fly like a bird in a dream, it remains a game. A game in which I put together the characters, dialogues and acting like Lego- bricks by myself. Interaction with reality and surrealism. Changed sound of instruments, Multiphonic, microstructure, everything that looks like a split, but is in reality always one body. An invisible Istanbul dress, interwoven with threads of my sonic experiences, sets down on the German streets and change the reality. "




from 05. 05. 2010/ MusikTriennale Köln


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