Solo works

2006 "Schelpe"

for Piano


2013 "fragmente alla turca"

for Viola

Chamber music

2005   „Ladat“

Toccatta for 2 Pianos


2008 „Subject“

for string quartet


2009  „Duo“

for violin and violoncello

(Siemens Stiftung Reihe „Junge Solisten“)


2010  „Colorcatch“

for flute, violin, viola and violoncello

(Bayerischer Rundfunk musica viva „Punkt 7“)


2010  „Admiration of a schizophrenia“

for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano

(Musiktriennale Köln 2010)


2010 „Flow “

for violin, viola and violoncello

(Hörblicke 21 „Trio Coriolis“)


2012 " A- Circle

for violin, viola, violoncello and accordion

(Münchener Biennale/ Klangspuren)
2013 "relativity of simultaneity"
for two string trios
(Bayerischer Rundfunk musica viva)

Experimental soundelectronic

2005 „Mirage“

for Ney and E- Piano 


2007 “Verstand and Mystik”  Sculpture project of Ricardo Basbaum

for tub, ney and electronics

(Order work DOCUMENTA 12)


2008 „Peschrev- Präludium “

for Ney, E- bass guitar and electronics


2008 „Vibrations“

for 3 string quartets with electronics


2005 „Instantinopel“ 

for 4 man's voices, ney, oboe, english horn, clarinet, bassoon, piano, percussion and violoncello


2006 „Gigant“

for string quartet, harpsichord, E-bass guitar, percussion, 2 contrabasses and Live electronics


2008 „Error“

for Ensemble

(flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon- horn , trumpet , trombone - piano- percussion (2 players)- violin I, violin II, viola, violoncello, contrabass)


2012/2013 " infinitimal "

for bassoon, trombone and ensemble

(musikFabrik Köln)


2015 " Melting degree"

for octet

(Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles)


2016 " time loop"

for large Ensemble

(Münchener Gesellschaft für Neue Musik)



2007- 08 „Reflex“

for  orchestra and drumset


2011 ‘‘mirror-reversed „

for Kemence und Orchestra

(Young Euro Classic Festival 2011)


2015 " Toned Melisma silver print"

for String orchestra

(Münchener Kammerorchester)


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